Life List

This is always a work in progress.

1. Sky Dive
2. Own 100 movies in my “movie library”
3. Compete in an NPC Bikini comp.
4. Be in a magazine for something fitness related
5. Learn how to cook, good.
6. Cook something different everyday for 1 month.
7. Quit my job at retail.
8. Go on a cruise.
9. Become conversational in spanish
10. Buy a brand new car
11. Visit Vegas.
12. Have good credit
13. Own my own wedding planning company
14. Buy a house
15. Choreograph a solo
16. Teach a fitness related class
17. Become a personal trainer
18. Visit every state, purchase something from each
19. Visit Greece, Paris, Ireland, Brazil & Jamaica.
20. Shoot a shot gun & actually hit a target. (PAPER/CAN ETC. Not an animal or person) 🙂
21. Be able to do 20 pull ups, 50 push ups amd 15 hanging leg raises
22. Get married
23. Have children
24. Look like I could be in a Victoria’s Secret magazine.
25. Own 5 pairs of over expensive shoes


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